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Looking back on my life it is easy to see the things that I wished I had done differently. I have made so many bad choices and missteps that I sometimes wonder if I had chosen a different path what my life would have looked like. Would I have been happier, more financially secure or would I have ended up exactly where I am now.

Looking back on my life I can pinpoint a pivotal decision I made that changed the road that I would travel. We all have faced a crossroad where we had to make a choice, and no matter what choice we made we wonder if it was the right one.

Someone that I loved would on occasions express to me how he regretted the bad choices he made in this life. When I spoke to him near the end of his life he still had not forgiven himself for the choices and missteps that lead him down a path that he later regretted.

If I could speak to him now, I would tell him that we all have things in our past that we wished we had done differently. I wish I had told him that he was so much more than the bad choices made.

I would love to hear about what you would have done differently and whether or not you have forgiven yourself for the choices that you have made?

Evelyn C. Fortson

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