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BITTERSWEET, is the story of a naïve young woman named Eloise who simply wanted to lose her virginity because she was almost 21years old.  Eloise thought she could check off lose virginity on her things to do list without any interruption of her life.  Eloise chance encounter with Wes at a party leads to what should have been a one-night stand, but instead develop into a love that impacts her life for almost thirty years.  
Eloise wakes up one morning to an overwhelming desire to relive the story of how she met and fell in love with Wes.  How her heart was broken and how that chance encounter altered the woman she was and who she was to become..
This is a story of love, not a fairy tale kind of love, but of a love rooted in an earthy desire.  A love so sweet it pierces the heart and threatens to leave a bitterness in its wake.  Eloise’s happily ever after is BITTERSWEET, but worth everything she went through to get there.

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FINALLY, DOING ME! is a story of four girlfriends of a certain age, who live quite different lives but have managed to stay connected for forty years. The ladies get together annually for a girl's trip, and it is on one of those trips that they learn of each other's desires to pursue their own happiness to, Finally Doing Me!

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