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Lessons Learned

As the initiate shock of the pandemic and quarantine wore off, I like a lot of us asked myself, “What lessons am I to learn from this?” After 15 months this is what I know to be true.

1. God is in control.

2. It is God who numbers my days.

3. I want to live.

4. Life is beautiful.

5. I am grateful.

6. Creativity is awesome.

7. Peace is priceless.

8. Family is everything.

9. Loving yourself and others is necessary.

10. Mental Health is something you have, to work at.

I could keep going, but I would love to hear what you have learned in the 15 months that you were forced to be still.

The pandemic and quarantine have left an indelible impression on my mind, heart, and spirit. I hope it has made me move differently in this world because the person I was 15 months ago was just going through the motion, still trying to recover from the devastating loss of family members. Today I, genuinely want to live my life to the fullest, I want to see the world and experience all the joy that God has in store for me.

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