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Agape love is God’s divine love, and that is exactly what my mother gave to me. My Mother sacrificed for all her children and loved us no matter what. My Mother never gave up on me and I know she prayed for my happiness and well-being. She cared for me when I could not care for myself. She picked me up when I fell, and she was the one I called when something good or bad happened. She was my friend when I was friendless.

As I got older, other people occupied the spaces that once only she occupied. She graciously stepped out the center of my life and allowed me to grow into a strong independent woman.

When I found someone to love, she was happy for me, when I had my son, she told me that now I would never be alone.

My Mother left this world five years ago, and I miss her dearly. The legacy that my Mother left cannot be measured monetarily. Her legacy is the love she gave to me and the home she created. Her legacy resides in my heart, comforts my soul, and eases my mind whenever it is troubled.

My Mother made raising six kids look easy. Being a mother of one, I am in awe of the strengthen that it took to do the things she did for her family.

Now that my Mother is gone, I am grateful for every holiday, birthday, and barbeque that our family celebrated together, because they are the memories that sustains me now.

This Mother’s Day I will think of my Mother and the times we spent together. I will raise a glass in her honor and thank her for loving me.

Happy Mother’s Day MOM!

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