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Hope is an optimistic state of mind based on an expectation of a positive outcome.

In the last few months, the devastating news of friends or family members succumbing to cancer or covid has made it harder to be hopeful. These past months have been brutal, heartbreaking, and tedious, but I refuse to lose hope.

I have an expectation that we will come through this historic time on the other side stronger for having lived through it. I wake up every morning with the expectation that we are moving closer to the end of this pandemic. When we get back to normal (whatever that is), it is my hope that we do not forget how strong we are.

Life is a precious gift from God that we need to appreciate every day. Appreciate the small moments, not just the big ones. So, hang in there, try to get a little exercise every day, be creative, and stop feeling guilty about having a cocktail as needed 😊

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1 Comment

Oct 15, 2021

Great words. If we don't continue to have hope that things will get better we will become bitter.

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