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I write because I want to document how we live, love, and survive. I want my books to capture the feeling of home.

My mother and my grandmothers influence my writing just as they influenced how I view the world. Their pearls of wisdom were not appreciated in my youth, but I understand the wisdom of their words now.

I always gravitated to older people when I was younger. I liked to listen to their stories but unfortunately their stories are tattered and faded fragments that I have mostly forgotten. I remember recording my great-grandfather’s story for a high school assignment. How I wish I had that recording, because I can’t remember the questions or the answers; but I remember the man. I remember the essence of the people that are no longer here with me.

I try to saturate the pages of my book with their essence, with our stories. Bittersweet is the story of first love and all the confusion of it. Finally, Doing Me! is the story of 4 women assessing their lives and doing what it takes to be happy. Rolling In The Deep, yet to be published, is the story of love for a child, husband, wife, friend, and neighborhood. This story has the complexity of a fine wine. It has a mystery, a ghost tale, love, and a changing landscape of a South Central, Los Angeles neighborhood.

My books are available on Amazon and Bookbaby Publishers. Your support is needed and appreciated!

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May 28, 2023

Love your first two books. Well written with great characters.

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