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Living each day as if you are fighting to obtain or retain is how we have lived are whole lives here in America. The dream of physical freedom may have been obtained in the literal sense but are we really free! There are so many forces at play that restrict how we move in this world and yet we fool ourselves into thinking that we are free.

When President Barack Obama was elected, I thought to myself that maybe just maybe America could acknowledge the blood on its hands, pay us our reparations and get on with making the American Democracy a reality for all of its’ citizens. Instead, xenophobia was unleashed with a vengeance. White Americans elected a race-baiting con man that played to their fears that life as they know it was ending. The fact of the matter is the White American Empire called the United States of America is declining as every empire in the history of mankind has declined. A new United States of America is going through the birthing pains hopefully to emerge into what it has always promised that it could be. America has paid reparation to everyone including slave owners after the civil war, but somehow the idea of paying descendants of slaves’ reparation is unfathomable. Millions upon millions of dollars have been paid to right wrong except for when it comes to descendants of the enslaved.

Working class Americans are struggling to pay for gas, put food on the table, and find formula for their babies. While millionaires are becoming billionaires. Under the Trump Administration (and I use that term loosely) businesses profit margins soared, and fortunes were made in the stock market. That is the real reason why the conservative white republicans are looking and behaving like Russian oligarchs.

Coming out of this pandemic has been trying because Americans could not unite even in the face of a crisis. We are still divided by race and class. If working class Americans regardless of race could unite and demand equality and equity for every American citizen then our struggles to survive pandemics, recession and depressions wouldn’t weigh so heavily on one group or class.

The struggles that America is facing will undoubtedly hit the poor and working-class groups harder, and unfortunately black and other minority neighborhood will suffer greater hardships. You can see it in the price of gasoline and food. But we African American have been struggling to make ends meet since the first slave ships landed. Our ancestors survived all manners of adversities, and we will survive this one.

Yes, the struggle is real and unfortunately it continues.

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Gwen Humphries
Gwen Humphries
Jul 25, 2022

Our struggle continues and will continue until we as Black people realize that depending upon our government will not really help us. We have to continue to rely on God's guidance and work our behinds off.

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