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One definition of sisterhood is - The association of women with a common interest.

I recently spent a few days with two friends whom I developed a relationship with because of a common interest we share. It blew my mind when I realized that I have known one friend for over 30 years, and the other one for about 15 years.

Our association began because we loved to quilt, and that love for quilting helped us to become friends. As we quilted, we talked about work, our relationships with our spouses, children, siblings, and parents. We talked about everything and anything.

Soon one day of quilting together was not enough time, so we began to vacation together so we could quilt all day and night if we wanted to. Our last get together was only three days, and we shopped more than we quilted. I didn't even take my sewing machines out of the travel case, and we all went to bed early. We sat by the pool in the evening and had cocktails, we reminisced about out days working for Los Angeles Superior Court, and we shared how grateful we were to have made it to retirement.

The thing that brought us together is not the thing that keeps us together now. What keeps us together now is the fact that we were there for each other when parents and siblings died; and when a marriage ended. And because we were there for each other for the birthdays, births of grandkids, marriage, and death we are more than the association of women with a common interest, we are Sisters.

I hope you have women in your lives that are more than associates. I hope you have friends that have become Sisters who are there for you when the sun is shining on you, and when the day had turned into the darkest night.

Do you have friends that are your Sisters? How long have you known them?

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2 comentarios

Evelyn Fortson
Evelyn Fortson
04 jun 2021

Wow...preschool! I wish I had stayed in touch with some friends from childhood. Anita Rodriguez, Pamela Waters, and a girl named Myra (don't know her last name).

I agree that staying in touch with people was especially important during quarantine.

Me gusta

03 jun 2021

Yes I am blessed to have a few Sister friends. Some have been in my life since the preschool days. I think that especially during this COVID lockdown period that talking with these friends has helped keep our heads and hearts above water.

Me gusta
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