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There are pieces of us that others will never know, stories that will never be told, but each of us has an origin story.

My book, “Rolling in the Deep,” was written over a year ago. I have since written another book, with the working title of " Looking at Me.” I thought I would have self-published “Rolling in the Deep” or been fortunate enough to have had it traditionally published by now. I sent the manuscript away to be edited and worked on another book, and when I got it back, I queried a few agents to no avail. When I looked at the book again, ready to publish it myself, I reread it, and it spoke to me again. The book was incomplete; I needed to go deeper.

In my books, I leave pieces of myself and pieces of us, African American women, on the pages. My books are markers to remind the world that our stories are unique and unifying. I link the past with the present by including folklore, sayings, speech patterns, and words some of us may no longer use. I do that so we do not forget the people who came before us, what they went through, and how strong and wise they were.

I encourage you to tell your mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and anyone you love to check out my blog and my books, Bittersweet and “Finally, Doing Me!” by Evelyn C. Fortson. My books are available on Amazon and

I’m so looking forward to announcing the publication date of “Rolling In The Deep,” but like momma used to say, “A watched pot never boils.”

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Looking forward to your next book. I have enjoyed all that I have read.

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