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If you read 2 Timothy 3:1-5 you cannot help but believe that we are indeed living in perilous times. But when haven’t we been living in perilous times? We were in peril from the moment that we touched the shores of America. Our existence continues to be in serious and immediate danger as we drive while black, jog, go to a convenience store, or sleep in our own beds. We are in peril whenever a crime is committed, and it is more expedient to convict than to seek justice.

During the holiday season when families gather to create memories for the future. A spirit of discourse, and chaos lingers around the edges. Unresolved issues pull up to the holiday table and threaten to disrupt the uneasy truce.

But…what would it look like if we could extend grace to each other? In these perilous times can we be grateful for the breath of life that flows through our bodies. Grateful for another day to make things right. To ask for forgiveness and to forgive.

The thing that has helped me regarding forgiveness is I tell myself that people are doing the best they can. I also tell myself that I am doing the best I can, and when I mess up, I tell myself that tomorrow is another day, one in which I can try to do better.

This holiday season when we sit at the holiday table where a loved one maybe missing let’s try to give each other grace. Let’s try to think the best and not the worst of others. Let’s truly be thankful for one more day to make some things right and to do better.

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