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Are you listening to the world instead of someone that loves you? The younger women who are letting social media guide them may want to talk to an Auntie.

Auntie can be used as a term of endearment or as a nice/nasty way of putting an older woman down. Either way you want to use it, sometime Aunties have sage advice. We Aunties have been there and done that. We know that there is an expiration date to bootie shorts and dropping it like it’s hot.

Back in my day a menage-a-trois was the most adventurous thing that a guy would try to talk you into. Now, menage-a-trois are quite pedestrian. Girls today are letting guys talk them into doing all matters of things sexually. Polyamory is being sold as a sophisticated form of sexuality whereby all parties involved are sexually free, happy, and honest. But Aunties will tell you that polyamory is a pimp move. Polyamory is just another word for dating. If a man tells you that he’s dating other people; he is telling you that he is having sex with other people. And that’s fine in a dating situation, that’s being honest. But if a man tells you that you’re his woman and he want to be in a committed relationship with you and have sex with other people… Baby, he’s just using pimpology on you. He isn’t committed to you; he’s committed to himself.

Aunties would probably tell you to respect yourself enough to not go for the okey doke. Aunties have lived life and have been down the road that you are travelling. They can tell you about the emotion harm, trauma, unwanted pregnancies, and sexual diseases that may also be waiting for you if you choose that path.

When I was coming of age my mother didn’t talk to me about womanhood and relationships. I had to figure it out on my own. Even my peers didn’t talk about our worth, we were not that enlighten. But with age hopefully there is wisdom. So, seek out an older woman that you respect and ask her how it is that she made it to where she is now. That woman if she is not your mother will be affectionately known as Auntie.

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