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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to every woman that has cared for, protected, went without, and prayed over a child’s life. Happy Mother’s Day to the women that carried their child in their wombs or only with their hands. Happy Mother’s Day to the women that did the best that they could to raise a kind, loving, self-sufficient human being.

Some of us mothers will be celebrated by our children and some of us will wait for a phone call that may not come, while others only have memories of happier mother’s days.

I’m not a poet, but I wrote a poem about my mother for a creative writing class I took last year that I would like to share.

My Mother’s Voice

Her voice has not faded, not for me yet

A sweet quality that was hers alone

I mimic her words, so I won’t forget

They stay in my head, reside in my bones

Just when I think that her sweet voice has gone

Like twirling leaves blown by a phantom wind

I hear her voice singing a sweet, sweet song

Quaking like the shout of a hundred men

If I had known that our days were ending

I would have made more time for you and me

Memories to keep me from descending,

Into a space that would be hard to flee

Pictures can’t replace the feel of your face

But the sound of your voice---it does embrace

I didn’t always celebrate my mother on Mother’s Day, sometimes all she got was a phone call, but she always knew that she was loved.

For the women waiting by the phone, just know that your children will always remember how much you loved them, and that is a gift that is more precious than gold.

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11. Mai 2023

This was such a wonderful message on your blog. Happy Mother's Day to you as well. Loved your poem.


Gefällt mir
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