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Give Me My Flowers Now

Please don’t wait, give me my flowers now so I can appreciate them. Tell me how much you love and are proud of me while the words can uplift. Please don’t wait until I can no longer hear or feel your words of encouragement. Eulogize me while I yet live; leave nothing unsaid between us.

I require my flowers now because I cannot take them to the afterlife. Like all living things, humans need to be fed to thrive. Self-affirmations are great but cannot compare to the earnest words of someone you love and respect.

Think of that woman that you call Sis and speak a word over her to help her rise from the ashes of her mistakes. Help her face one more battle, one more struggle until the war ends.

Give her her flowers today and see how they will refresh, revive, and restore her soul. Watch her shoulders relax and her breathing ease, if just for a few moments. Let her bask in the warmth of knowing someone knows how hard she is fighting to make it in this world.

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