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The desert at first glance is a dry lonely desolate place. It appears to lack the beauty you associate with the lush greenery of a forest or the calm serenity of sandy seaside beaches. But when you look long enough and close enough the desert isn’t the lonely desolate place that it appears to be. It has birds and plants that you won’t see in the city. The sky is so vast that your breath slows down, and the feeling that there are too many people in the world falls away. The tans, creams, rusts, and browns create delicate shading and textures that are the desert’s floor. The muted green foliage and bold yellow and orange flowers complement purple blooms.

Subtlety best describes the desert landscape. It changes right before your eyes, but the change occurs so slowly that you may not register it. The wind carries particles of sand that continually shift the scenery just as beautiful moments seep through our lives, while we desperately try to hold on to the feelings we had when we experienced them. But our lives like the desert are constantly changing, memories fade from vibrant images to muted vague occurrences that we no longer feel. Occasionally the wind blows, and a memory of a moment or season comes back with the same emotion that we experienced when it happened. We are transported back to that time until the landscape shifts yet again.

The different stages of our lives can be challenging and sometimes you may feel your life has been drained of everything that is wonderful. But like the desert, take a close look at your life, you will find something beautiful there. It may be as subtle as a tiny delicate bloom, or as majestic as a soaring eagle. Whatever it is, remember that life is always changing, and you get to decide how you want to live it.

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