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Change comes whether we like it or not. Every holiday I’m reminded how different things are. When my parents were alive my family and I always had someplace to go to celebrate the holidays and be with family. My parents have gone home to be with the ancestors and the holidays are forever changed for those left behind.

My siblings and their children are spread out in different cities and states, and we have drifted apart.

I’m older now and the way I look at things have changed. I’m finally getting to the point where I can let go of some of the hurt that others have inflicted. Once I strived to understand the why of it, now I chalk it up to it is what it is. This may seem like a defeatist attitude and maybe it is, but it minimizes the pain.

People leave our lives, whether it is within their control or not. People change how they feel about you, they change the way they treat you sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst…but change happens. So, the best thing I can do now is to remember the good times fondly, but I can’t dwell on them. They are memories that I do not want to forget even as they are fading.

I’m creating new memories now with the people that have chosen to share their lives with me and I hope that they will look back on the times we spent together and smile.

I wish those good old days could have lasted forever. I wish I could have captured those times in a jar that I could open when love and joy are in short supply.


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