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This world is changing, are you changing with it? From the 1960’s to present day so much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that while we are advancing technologically, we seem to be struck in our thinking about race.

America’s history is an ugly one soaked in blood and yet right-wing conservative still refuse to acknowledge that. Critical Race Theory is the new buzz phrase that has white parents, Klansmen, and morally corrupt politicians outraged. Some white parents and politicians are opposed to teaching children the truth about America’s history. Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. Secretary of State stated on national TV, “that white kids shouldn’t be made to feel bad for being white.” Citing that as one of the reasons why she is opposed to the teaching of Critical Race Theory. To that argument I ask, why have we been teaching children a distorted history of America, which made black children feel bad? Why don’t we teach children the truth which would include every race that helped to create the United States of America. Maybe then we could expose white supremacy for what it is…a racial theory that is a lie. What are the parents that are opposed to teaching the true history of America afraid of?

Black History Month is almost here so I propose this year we tell each other about obscure historical facts, not the history with which we are familiar. For example, Black officeholders during Reconstruction. Denmark Vesey, American Maroons, Free Blacks that owned slaves.

Let’s not be deceived and think that Africans did not participate in the slave trade. But let us not forget that slavery in Africa was not the peculiar institution that it was in America.

I think it would benefit all Americans if we could tell the truth about America. Simply put, the concept of America is a good one, but it was corrupted by xenophobic thinking. What would America look like if fear and hatred had not been allowed to grow and spread across these united states. America could one day be great if we could deal with things like race, equality, justice, opportunity…

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